Contact Centre

TCM Advisors provide exceptional claim management services. Our Contact Centre operates 24 hours a day, every day, so that wherever you are in the world and whatever the time of day or night, you can always register a new claim and be sure to speak to one of our experienced call managers in an emergency.

From the time of First Notification of Loss (FNOL) to resolution, we aim to achieve this in the shortest time possible and minimise the cost of each claim.
We understand the need for the highest level of customer service and this is the cornerstone of our business.

We deal with your calls professionally and efficiently from a roadside recovery to a major accident; resolving the issue as expediently as possible, whilst managing expectations every step of the way.

Our experienced call managers understand the need to collect as much information as possible about the incident during the first contact, whether the call comes from a Broker, a Policyholder or the driver involved, so that we can react quickly and appropriately to the incident.

We will immediately aim to obtain:

  • The driver’s eligibility.
  • Details of the incident (where, when, vehicle damage, fault, etc.).
  • Whether any other party was involved and if so, contact and insurance information.
  • Whether liability has been admitted.
  • Whether there appears to be a likelihood of a third party personal injury claim arising from the incident.
  • Whether the emergency services attended the scene and if so, any contact information or incident reference.

From obtaining the information required to proceed, we will simultaneously contact all parties necessary to deal with the incident quickly from any to all of the following:

  • Accident Investigators.
  • Engineers to evaluate damage and estimate the repair.
  • Loss Adjusters.
  • Third parties and their insurer.
  • Emergency Services.
  • Offer low cost replacement vehicles when appropriate.

We will quickly assess and determine potential liability from the information obtained, enabling the client to more accurately reserve the true cost of the claim.
We are already entrusted to validate cover in accordance with our Insurer’s indemnity guidelines. With real-time access to individual policies to identify levels of cover, we are promptly able to make the necessary arrangements for repair – approving acceptable repair estimates and getting the vehicle back on the road as soon as possible.


Our FNOL team are trained to prioritise capture of non fault third party claimants whenever possible. Speed of contact with the third party is vital to minimise potential claim spend, including hire costs and avoids the need for the claimant to refer to solicitors.

The management of non-fault third party claims can be costly and time consuming. TCM Advisors will take control of the claim process, providing an effective solution directly with the claimant and offering a full accident repair and replacement vehicle service.

In an ever increasing litigation culture, TCM Advisor’s friendly and proactive approach delivers customer satisfaction; reducing the need for legal involvement and providing support to arguments of mitigation at a later date. If there appears to be a likelihood of a third party personal injury claim arising from the incident, we can arrange immediate physiotherapy or other medical needs.


If liability is admitted, we can offer referral to solicitors who will act in the best interests of the claimant. The solicitor will manage the claim sympathetically without incurring unnecessary expenses, such as purchasing ATE insurance policies. This service can be arranged on a fixed fee basis, resulting in significant savings of costs and disbursements.